Rosey Houseboats with Stuning exterior and spacious interioe, is a winner of Gold Star with 'Green Palm' classification of the Kerala Government.

The Company has a fleet of houseboats of different sizes designed to suit varying needs of every traveler. They are chartered to guide of Alappuzha-Kumarakom route. The biggest one can accomodate about 150 persons and the smallest is cozy enough for 20 persons. These luxury houseboats meet internaional standards in hygiene and decor. Complete with sundeck, corridor, lobby, bedrooms with attached bathrooms and kitchen to deliver the ultimate 'Home on Waves' feel. One bedroom to five bedrooms with or with our A/c have elegant wardrobes and dressing tables and separate provision for clean water. State-of-the-art kitchen equipped with food and Beverages stock and skilled cook offer delicious Kuttanadan cuisine with rice and fish curry.

Boats with pollution control and waste management measures have conference halls, entertainment area with home theatre, facilities to enjoy fishing of cool breeze from the sheltered deck and a crew that speak five different languages.